The Interview

Although President Lewis is Elder Call’s stepfather, he has made a promise to remain unbiased towards the young man ashe conducts his interview In fact, the man feels inclined to be even harder on the boy as he digs to see if his son has ever felt sexual attraction to someone of his own sex.

It can be hard to talk to your father about sexual things, but Elder Call has always been a strong, stoic boy and he remains straight-faced as President Lewis probes him about whether he has ever broken the laws of chastity. The denial is immediate but is met swiftly with an even harder line of questioning. President Lewis wants to know if Elder Call has ever had unclean thoughts, leading the boy to admit that he has, but he has never acted on them, and he has never had such thoughts about other boys or older men.

President Lewis has always suspected that his handsome, athletic boy secretly harbored same-sex attraction, and he refuses to let up as the young man lies about his secret past of homosexual activity.
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The older man grows increasingly impatient as his stepson attempts to deceive him. President Lewis asks for Elder Call’s hand, pulling him close enough to place his own hand on the boy’s heart. Elder Call’s heart races as his nerves run haywire, revealing that he is withholding the truth from his concerned father and church leader.

President Lewis picks up the interrogation again, circling back on the same subject in order to press Elder Call into confessing everything. If only the boy would let down his defenses, he could be guided to the loving and accepting embrace of The Order.

Finally, Elder Call is asked to prove his honesty by partaking in a test of sorts. President Lewis takes pleasure in watching his stepson remove his clothes, enjoying the delicious sight and knowing that the test will bring his boy one step closer to total submission to his authority.

But Elder Call has never been more scared. He does not understand why President Lewis has honed in on his sexuality so acutely, or why the severe man has asked him to take all of his clothes off. What will this help him achieve? How will this affect his status in the mission?

When President Lewis instructs Elder Call to put his arms behind his back, the boy’s fear kicks in even harder. His heart races faster and faster as President Lewis ties his wrists together and then takes his cock out of his underwear. The boy can barely believe his eyes as his stepfather blows on the head of his dick before exposing his own long shaft.

Entering the final stage of the test, President Lewis hooks his thumb into Elder Call’s mouth and instructs the young man to pull his underwear down. President Lewis eases his fingers into the Elder Call’s asshole, and the boy strokes his cock while staring into his stepfather’s icy blue eyes. Finally, the test is complete as Elder Call spasms in President Lewis’s arms, shooting cum all over his own stomach and chest as he masturbates. But now that the test is done, Elder Call is unsure of his next step in the mission, and even more unclear is how will this Interview will affect his relationship with his stepfather in the future. Perhaps he will learn the truth in time…
Published : 11/23/18


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