The Calling

During his Interview, Elder Call was exposed to the sexual expectations of his Mission. He was surprised at first, but he quicklyadapted to the intimate nature of his private conversation with his stepfather. But this week, as he comes face to face with Bishop Manwaring, he is unsure what to expect. Was the moment he shared with his stepfather a one-off, or is this how things go with all the older men in the Mission?

Bishop Manwaring offers no tell at first. He sits behind his desk and talks in a commanding voice, letting Elder Call know that the road to salvation will not be made any easier by the fact that his stepfather is a highly respected religious leader. Elder Call assures the older man that he expects no special favors.

As Bishop Manwaring asks the young man if he will submit to all of his wishes, Elder Call starts to become suspicious. Did his stepfather tell Bishop Manwaring about what happened between them? Does Bishop Manwaring know that he has already submitted to the wishes of an older man? Elder Call is unsure, but as the Bishop demands he take his clothes off, he doesn’t have much time to mull things over.
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While undoing his tie, Elder Call struggles to understand why these older men keep waiting to get him alone before making these bizarre requests of him. He questions whether there is something specific about his body that is unholy or must be cleansed. Perhaps that is why the religious men keep asking him to undress and expose himself to them. Maybe there is a greater meaning behind these strange tests.

The Bishop walks towards the boy, sizing him up with his cold glare. Elder Call feels a chill travel from the top of his head down to his penis as the man looks him over. The electricity is palpable, and it seems like there is no turning back at this point. He knows Bishop Manwaring is going to put his hands on him, and he knows that he will undoubtedly submit once again.

As Bishop Manwaring runs his fingers over Elder Call’s ass cheeks, he can feel that the boy is ready to bend to his every whim. He presses into the boy’s flesh with a heavy, commanding grasp that screams sexuality into the boy’s body. Elder Call follows the will of Bishop Manwaring’s hands, allowing them to take him wherever they want him to go.

Elder Call bends over and lets the Bishop stick his tongue into his asshole, confused by why it feels so good to give in to these dark temptations. Then he gets down on his knees to take the man’s thick cock in his mouth, opening wide as the man thrusts in and out. Finally, Elder Call lays on the desk and spreads his legs for Bishop Manwaring to enter, jerking his own dick while the Bishop sprays his semen all over his asshole. But once the meeting is complete, Elder Call is left only more confused by the strange turn his journey has taken.
Published : 11/30/18


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