Second Anointing

As one of the more timid boys in the Mission, Elder Call has always had trouble spending one on one time with the priests.In the past, he has struggled to even look the older men in the eyes. But something about President Skye’s presence has always seemed both particularly intimidating and strangely comforting to the the young, insecure boy. It is like every time the beautiful man speaks, he feels both fear and a sense of safety grow simultaneously within.

Today, he is scheduled to spend time in the Temple alone with President Skye, and he has never been more nervous for anything in his life. He is meant to be guided through the process of his Second Anointing, taking yet another step closer to salvation and The Order. But as he walks into the private room in the Temple where he is set to meet the chiseled, handsome President Skye, Elder Call feels as though he is walking some kind of tight rope.
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He needs to maintain his devoted appearance, keeping his mind focused on his religious teachings and the successful completion of his Mission, while pleasing President Skye and fulfilling any request he may have. This is no simple task as the young man is afraid that if he reveals the desire he has for the strong man, he will be ostracized by The Mission altogether.

As much as Elder Call attempts to hide it, President Skye can sense the insecurity in him right away. He hopes to ease the boys mind by being a firm, guiding force, taking the responsibility of thought out of Elder Call’s hands. He commands the boy to follow his orders, and the scared boy obeys with relief.

The boy climbs onto the altar, afraid to make eye contact with the gorgeous religious man, and bends over to give him access to every part of his body. President Skye takes hold of him, making the fear in the boy’s heart stir and then disappear as he gives up all control to the voracious priest. President Skye opens the boy’s asshole with his fingers, sticking them inside the young man’s butt and listening to his gasps lustfully. He commands the boy to pleasure himself as he works his fingers deeper into his tight hole, getting it ready for his thick, throbbing cock.

Before proceeding, President Skye demands that Elder Call reveal his inner desire for dick, exposing his temptation to the blinding light of The Order and submitting to its cleansing power. Elder Call does, admitting that he wants President Skye to enter him, and then moans as the priest penetrates his puckering hole. Was this what Elder Call feared of President Skye, or was this the comfort and safety he had always suspected the man could provide? Either way, the boy can not contain himself as the strong man strokes inside his butt, bringing him to climax in an eruption of passion. Perhaps, Elder Call thinks as cum spurts from the tip of his dick, the intersection of fear and safety is where salvation dwells.
Published : 01/25/19


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