Paternal Care

It is not common for one of the men of the Order to approach a boy outside the confines of a private space. Usually, allphysical contact the boys have with the priests occurs in a ceremonious fashion. But President Lewis has not been able to stop thinking about his stepsons beautiful eyes and handsome smile. From the first moment he set eyes on the boy as a child, he knew he had to have him. So, when he sees his muscular boy rubbing his body down in the shower, he simply can’t resist the temptation. Perhaps it is not the most measured move to advance on the boy in such a fashion, but Lewis must satisfy his paternal cravings.

He touches himself through his boxers while watching the hot water stream off Elder Call’s toned body. Call’s arms glisten in the heat, making Lewis’s imagination go wild. Then, the horny stepfather enters the shower with him, surprising the boy with his presence. Elder Call stands still, unsure of how to react to the strong priest touching his body so lustfully in a shared missionary space.
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But soon, he relaxes under Lewis’s reassuring touch. The strong presence of such an authoritative figure is enough to set Call’s mind and body at ease.

As they rub their wet cocks together, Lewis delights in the anticipation of feeling himself inside his young boy’s hole. Fucking his cute bubble butt will be an incredible pleasure, but first he wants to feel the boy’s mouth on his dick. He guides Call to his knees and the boy licks and slobbers on his stepfather’s prick, savoring the priest’s shaft as the hot water streams down onto their bodies. Then, Elder Call turns around and leans against the shower wall to take Lewis’s raw cock in his asshole.

Lewis strokes hard, with a visible abandon has been brought forth by his boldness. The longer he is inside the boy, the more crazed he becomes, feeling waves of orgasmic pleasure shoot through his body with every thrust. He feels like an ancient animal has been awakened inside of him, one that can only be satisfied by unleashing his familial seed on the boy’s body. And as Lewis works towards climax, Call can feel his intensity emanating into his sore hole.

Finally, the doting missionary nears the orgasm and begins to grunt in insane pleasure. He can no longer keep the beast at bay, and prepares to spray his semen all over the boy’s back. Call can feel the explosion coming, and welcomes it as the hot sheen of Lewis’s sperm coats his body. And while knowing that he has helped his old man climax is more than enough for the boy’s satisfaction, he feels privileged to find his stepfather asking for his own cum. He jerks his thick dick and splashes the priest with his glistening load, completing an incredible impromptu sexual encounter. Perhaps this rendez-vous will have to remain their little secret, but it is one Elder Call will never forget.
Published : 03/08/19


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