Missionary Hygiene

After revealing his sinful past of masturbation and lustful thoughts, Elder Hult is trying to change his lascivious ways and keephis dark desires to himself. Today, he is contemplating the nature of his sins while taking a hot, cleansing shower. However, Elder Call is looking to get cleaned up as well. Clearly, the shower is occupied, but the mischievous and stunning Elder Call doesn’t see a problem… They can just take a shower together, right?

Immediately, Elder Hult is worried that something physical is going to happen. He is heavily attracted to his fellow missionary, and he doesn’t want to slip and end up in a sexual situation with one of the boys. But the lust is too strong to ignore, and eventually, he gives in to the muscular boy’s advances. Elder Call’s handsome face and immaculate body outweighs Hult’s nefarious history, causing Hult’s dick to immediately turn rock-hard.

Elder Call embraces the shy kid, pinning him against the shower wall and teasing him with his lips as they kiss.
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Elder Hult has wanted to worship Call’s body for so long, and now that his fantasies are becoming reality, he cannot contain his desire.
He smothers the boy’s toned body in kisses, moving from his nipples all the way down to his engorged cock. He licks Call’s dick, drooling on his shaft as his own prick gets stiff and ready to fuck. Then, he enters Call’s butthole raw, pounding him passionately against the shower wall.

As he bends down to take a mouthful of jizz from Call’s steaming hot dick, Hult thinks of what the priests would say if they could see such disobedience. They surely would be enraged and forced to discipline the boys, perhaps even call them into a private setting and corporally punish them. But the risk is worth the reward of indulging in Call’s stunning body. This shower Rendez-Vous is a secret Elder Hult will keep close to his chest, and in his heart, forever.
Published : 02/22/19

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