Disciplinary Action

Elder Call has proven that he has the sexual appetite necessary to serve the men of The Order well, but today he is presented with the most challenging rituala young missionary must face on their path towards the priesthood. He must brave the stretcher, a long wooden board that is studded with pegs designed to stretch out the boy’s tight asshole. The pegs get larger as they progress, and as Call looks over the intimidating board, he is sure that his limits will be severely tested. Nevertheless, he is determined to get through the ceremony and prove that he is not afraid of adversity.

President Lee is the priest who will escort Call through the ceremony. He has been informed that the stretcher is being used as a disciplinary measure in Call’s case. Call has been caught fooling around with his peers one too many times. He has to be shown that the rules of the mission are sacred, and that transgressions can and will be punished.
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Nobody is above the word of The Order, not even a boy who has curried as much good favor as Elder Call. And now that he is face-to-face with the stretcher, Call seems to finally integrate this lesson.

Placing a blindfold over the boy’s eyes, Lee leads Call to the stretcher and instructs him to start. Call begins by wetting the pegs with his mouth. He feels them on his tongue and worries about his ability to make it through. His asshole tingles in anticipation. It is a mixture of fear and a desire to prove himself that keeps him going. Lee is impressed with his resolve. He can see the doubt in the way the boy moves from peg to peg. But never once does he get the impression that the boy is going to quit.

President Lee guides the boy with his voice, commanding him to follow it to the end of the stretcher. Call sits on peg after peg, feeling them plunge deep into his asshole as they fill him up completely. He is surprised at his own ability to take them. But as they get larger, he begins to feel the pressure. He is unsure whether he will make it to the end, even as President Lee pushes him on. But at this point he realizes that the stretcher is more of a psychological test than anything else and resolves that nothing will stop him from reaching the end of the board.

Finally, he sits on the last peg, feeling it expand his hole slowly. He knows he has made it, and he can feel President Lee’s approval wash over him. He is proud of himself, but the test is not over yet. Now, President Lee unsheathes his massive cock and shoves it into the boy’s hungry butthole, thrusting hard and with purpose. He fucks the boy raw until he shoots a gooey load of cum all over his tight rectum, ending the boy’s disciplinary action with a hot splash. Call has proven himself to Lee, and Lee is excited to spread the word of the boy’s accomplishments to the other priests.
Published : 05/17/19

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