The Interview

President Lee looked at the young man straight in the eye, not looking away, barely even blinking. He studied him, noticing every subtle move of the boy’s face. Elder Calder was quiet and reserved, especially in the presence of his superiors.

The young missionary had been called in for a worthiness interview by the handsome man, but he had intentions beyond simply learning of the boy’s vices and sins.

“Have you ever been attracted to a man?” Lee asked, keeping his gaze on the boy’s face.

“No,” Calder replied, barely speaking loud enough for Lee to hear.

Elder Calder had a handsome, enigmatic expression on his face, as if he were constantly in a game of poker and didn’t want to reveal his hand. It wasn’t an uncommon quality. 

Many missionaries guarded themselves from their leadership.
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The fear of punishment or discipline was enough to keep missionaries tight lipped. Still, President Lee could see this was more than just casual boyhood discretion.

He continued to ask him questions about his time at the Missionary Training Center, probing to find a chink in his armor. The boy remained calm and collected, answering in just the shortest, non-committal answers without having to put himself too far out on the ledge. It was like he was on a witness stand in court, trying hard not to perjure himself, knowing that one slip up could change the course of his life forever.

“Why are you asking me all this?” Elder Calder asked, feeling a heat build up under his collar.

“I need you to answer me and tell me the truth,” Lee responded, a tone rising in his voice that reinforced his power and authority.

Elder Calder could see he wasn’t going away without giving something up, and he described a time at the MTC that he admired the bodies of the other young men around him. President Lee sat back slightly in his chair, pleased and interested with what the boy had revealed. Elder Calder hoped he’d be able to just say he never thought about it again and walk freely out from the spotlight. Little did he know, President Lee was just beginning.

“Do you still have those thoughts?”

“No. Not any more.”

“…Are you willing to prove that?”

“Of course.” Elder Calder answered instinctively. As the words left his mouth, he knew he had no real way to prove it. Nothing definite. He wondered what President Lee could possibly have in mind.

“Stand up and take your clothes off,” Lee said plainly, with the same tone and inflection as if he were telling him to take a seat and get comfortable.

It was a strange request, but not one Elder Calder felt he could reject. He rose to his feet and began undressing himself. His quiet manner intrigued Lee as his hands began to work the buttons of his shirt.

“Interesting,” he said, watching him closely still, taking note of where his eyes went, how his hands moved, even how heavy the boy was breathing.

Despite his silence, he was giving off a lot of clues for President Lee. His hands were shaking slightly and he was indeed breathing heavier than usual. Not only that, his eyes continued to move back and forth from his task of undressing to the seated Lee. It was like he couldn’t take his eyes off him, continuously looking back at the older man’s broad frame and handsome, square face.

Once he was down to his garments, President Lee stood up and guided the boy to sit back in his chair. He brought his hands the back and placed them together.

“I want you to keep your hands behind you and don’t move them. No matter what.”

Elder Calder nodded, wondering if there was going to be some kind of physical test of his truth, like a lie detector. Instead, President Lee ran his hand along the inner thigh of the seated boy.

His hands were gentle and soft, grazing against the delicate leg hairs that gave his milky skin a golden sheen. The boy’s heart pounded hard in his chest, surprised and stunned by the older man’s familiar touch. He’d been handled and inspected before by doctors, but never this sensually and slowly. It aroused all kinds of feelings in his body… feelings he’d worked hard to keep hidden and away.

“Do you like this?” President Lee asked, his voice calming and comforting, seeming to imply it was okay for him to say yes. Instead, Elder Calder kept quiet, not wanting to respond with either a lie or a truth. He knew if he was honest, he’d be in worse trouble than if he lied.

President Lee continued to run his hands over him, bringing them up to his chest, sneaking in under his garment shirt. Lee’s hands found their way to the boy’s nipples, barely hidden as they poked through the sheer fabric. He lifted up the boy’s shirt to expose them and give him more access to play with them. He teased them, pulled them, and twisted them softly, watching in delight as they became erect.

Looking down, President Lee could see that that wasn’t the only thing rising on the quiet boy’s body.

“You’re sure you don’t have same-sex attraction?”

Elder Calder could feel his massive cock swelling in his shorts. He was especially well endowed, leaving him little opportunity to conceal his excitement. Between his legs, several inches of thick, throbbing meat rose up like a tent pole, leaving him exposed to his true desires.

He wanted to run out of the room and hide, embarassed and humiliated by his body’s response. Instead, he found himself still holding his hands behind him, bound to together by the invisible bonds of the older man’s authority. All the while, Elder Calder let out a moan, a clear break from his poker face and running silence. The sound was music to President Lee’s ears.

The older man reached into the boy’s under garments and pulled at his bulging manhood. On the tip, he felt an excited drop of pre-cum, glistening and sticky on the tip. He pressed a finger to it and watched as it strung away. He looked at Calder, who seemed amazed what his body was doing, and he knew he had to teach him what more he was capable of…

Published : 05/25/18


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