The Calling

President Lee held the young missionary tight against his body. His arms wrapped around him, pressing his rigid belt buckleand bulge against the boy’s buttocks. Stripped down to just his garments, Elder Calder was exposed and vulnerable, unable to resist the older man’s touch.

Elder Calder’s chest rose and fell with heavy breaths, feeling Lee’s authority wash over him. He remembered how he’d aroused him and stroked his hard cock before. He was excited to see if the handsome man would similarly toy with him or if he would go further.

Calder knew he was called to the temple office to begin his entry into the secret sex cult known simply as the Order. He’d never heard of it before and wasn’t entirely sure what it all meant. The older man had told him that it held the truth about the church and life and power and that Calder would make for a strong priest among its ranks.
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All that was required of him was to do whatever his leaders told him–whatever they asked–without question or hesitation.

It was unclear which part of it all appealed to him more: the knowledge, the priesthood, or the handsome powerful men, but either way, Elder Calder was eager to continue down this rabbit hole.

As he stood in Lee’s grasp, he felt his body become more and more excited, awakened as it had been before.

Sensing the rise in the boy’s garments, President Lee was quick to bring his hand down to feel the rush of blood in the boy’s genitals. He held his fleshy member in his hand as it become bigger and harder, watching it grow like a blossoming flower.

It didn’t take long for it to fill the man’s hand. He knew his boy was ready and needed to be brought into the fold. He turned the boy’s face to his and gave him a kiss. Elder Calder returned it, wanted to taste more of the man’s lips on his, but President Lee had other plans.

Lee pulled off the boy’s shirt, revealing his light, porcelain skin. He turned the boy around to look at him, taking the moment to play with his pink nipples and watch them become excited. Elder Calder felt a rush of energy burst through his body as his nipples were teased, prompting him to lean in for another kiss.

President Lee was impressed with the boy’s responsiveness. He took off his own shirt, peeling away the long sleeves to reveal his tightly fitting garments underneath. With his older muscular body, his pecs and nipples were practically tearing through the sheer fabric of his sacred underwear.

Elder Calder loved how he looked in it. He didn’t think he could get harder, but seeing the older man’s skin through his garments was the closest yet he’d come to seeing the handsome man nude. He wondered just how muscular he was throughout. He wanted to kiss every part of him and worship him.

President Lee turned back to the boy and peeled off the rest of his garments, leaving his body revealed and naked. Elder Calder knew he should feel a little embarrassed and strange, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy man before him. His eyes went all over him, landing ultimately on the large bulge in his pants.

President Lee watched with amused power as he began to play with his belt buckle. The young man’s eyes widened, knowing that he was about to see what President Lee kept beneath his dark slack. The older man was slow to unsecure his belt, teasing out the moment for as long as he could.

He could feel his many thick inches eager to burst out from within his garments, and he could see the warm, wet mouth of Elder Calder desperate to give his massive cock a taste. But he knew the virtues of patience and obedience and intended to impart those lessons on his horny young student. After all, the best things come to those who wait…
Published : 06/29/18

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