President Lee smiled as he saw Elder Calder enter the temple chamber. The excited look on the boy was a pleasant sight.Calder had been so shy and timid to show his eagerness to submit in the past, afraid for his desires to be so exposed.

President Lee, however, was familiar with the boy’s talents and yearnings. For all his traditional grooming and proper missionary etiquette, his body could never hide the truth of his heart. Every touch and kiss cut through the porcelain veneer and showed him for what he really was: a hungry, horny servant.

President Lee stepped close to the barely clothed boy, seeing him stand proud and expectant in his pristine, white undergarments. He slowly raise a hand to meet the boys chest, feeling his athletic body beneath the finely textured cotton.

He lifted the boy’s shirt, giving his muscles room to fill out. He was perfectly defined and developed, carrying the build of a seasons gymnast in his youthful frame.
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Lee gazed in awe of such a fine, impressive specimen, standing before him willingly and eagerly, feeling his heart racing beneath his ribs as his hand passed over the soft, golden hairs that sprouted from his flesh.

Lee grazed the boy’s nipples with his curled knuckles, feeling them become and excited and erect beneath. Elder Calder let out a soft breath, as if the touch had been the key to unlocking this last gasp of tension, opening him up to the freedom of his erotic fantasies. President Lee could see it in his eyes: a release and a permission to become aroused.

President Lee lifted his hand to the back of the boy’s neck, wrapping his fingers gently around its length, feeling the muscles relax under his touch. He pulled him close to him, bringing his face to meet the start of his strong shoulder.

As the boy made contact with his body, he felt him present a new kind of energy, something truly open and vulnerable. The boy was his, truly his, and he would do anything he asked of him. He kissed his temple, holding him in place, feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath. He held him a while longer, letting him feel his strength, as if to say without saying, “I’ve got you.”

President Lee moved the boy gingerly to the altar beside them. It was tall and sturdy, covered by a white ceremonial cloth. Lee helped the boy get up on to it, holding his hand as he got into position.

Elder Calder sat up on the altar with his legs hanging over the edge. Lee was quick to grab the heel of his foot in his hand, lifting it up and extending the length of his leg. Lee brought his mouth to meet the boy’s ankle, kissing it softly, pecking up and down as he moved toward his knee.

Elder Calder felt his body melt at his touch, his fingers caressing his skin as his mouth covered in him delicate embraces. He felt his penis rise in excitement, pressing up the fabric of his garment shorts.

He tried not to be embarrassed by his own erection, but his early upbringing still gave him pause at the idea of a visible arousal. President Lee could sense his instinctive self-consciousness and immediately tried to put his anxieties at ease. He kissed further up his thigh, bringing his mouth the waistband of the boy’s shorts.

He pulled the stretchy band down, exposing the boy’s soft genital hair. He kissed the patch gently, feeling the soft hair brush against his upper lip. He could feel the boy’s penis grow even harder. He kissed the rise in a similar fashion, worshipping his erection and reminding him that this was perfectly okay…
Published : 08/10/18

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