Elder Calder sat in the temple room, fiddling with his fingers. He noticed his foot tapping the shiny, white floors. Somehowit had eluded his attention until now, but he knew he must have been doing it for a while.

He was nervous, for sure. Today was a big day. President Lee had told him that he’d proven himself worthy of induction and would be ordained in the Order. It was both a solemn and exciting honor, one that he’d worked hard for. But now that it was imminent, he found himself as shaky and nervous as when he’d first heard of the secret society’s existence.

He was careful in getting dressed, making sure his shirt was clean and ironed and that his pants were flat and pressed. His shoes were so shiny he could practically see himself sweating in the reflection. He even took care to even his tie out perfectly, leaving no side too long or too short.

He imagined this is what he’d feel like on his wedding day, once the day would arrive.
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In so many ways, it felt like it was exactly that. A promise to love and obey for the rest of his life, pledging his loyalty and devotion, offering up his heart and his body…

Just as he got lost in the mediation of the occasion, he saw President Lee enter the room. His bronze skin was tightly wrapped in his perfectly fitted shirt and suit. It framed his torso, giving him the look of a powerful, important figure.

He was. He was not only President, he had become the most important man in Elder Calder’s life. Everytime they were together, Calder felt himself open up in ways he never thought possible.
His body ached for his touch, to be kissed and held, to feel his hand on his genitals, even inside him.

As Lee got closer, he could smell his intoxicating musk–a subtle blend of fragrances that were made of his own natural pheromones and scents. It was sweet and dusky, filling the boy’s lungs, making his cock swell without so much as a word or a sight of his body. The memory of how he smelled when he fucked him again and again triggered within him this immediate response… one that Lee was keen to detect.

The older man moved in on Elder Calder, grabbing his face with both hands and kissing him closely. Elder Calder could hardly hide the smiled it caused. He couldn’t be happier. It was the most proud he’d been since he’d graduated from school, but this felt more important, more meaningful. He was being blessed and loved by a truly amazing man. A man who wanted him and would see him through to his next chapter in life.

Lee slowly began to undress him, pulling at his tie and shirt, feeling the boy’s heart pound beneath his athletic chest as he deftly handled each knot and button. The boy was buzzing like a hummingbird, electric in his energy and anticipation.

Lee leaned in and kissed him again, pulling the boy closer to him so that their bodies touched. He could feel the boy’s rock hard erection pressing up into his belt and waistband, desperate to be released and relieved. Lee kissed him more, biding his time. He’d give the boy what he needed–and what he’d earned–and he was going to savor every moment of it…
Published : 08/24/18

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