Elder Calder stood still, keeping himself strong and upright as President Lee moved around him. The handsome older manwas in the most pristine, white suite he’d ever seen. Without any sign of lint or dirt, Calder wondered if it was the first time he’d worn it.

Elder Calder tried keeping his mind distracted with such details, doing everything he could to respect the tone and seriousness of the ritual being performed. It was hard to stay focused, however, given his state of undress and aching sexual desires.

He was very aware that all that covered him was a somewhat impotent temple shield, a piece of fabric that hung as limply over his body as a tablecloth. President Lee was precise in how he moved it, pushing up over one shoulder and another to get to his arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

The anointing ritual required Lee to rub oil into the young man’s body, only making his focus harder to maintain.Read more . . .

He could practically still taste Lee’s cock on his lips from the last time they met. His hole was still the slightest bit sore from having taking it deep inside him.

All he wanted was to having him there again, but he knew he had to wait. It wouldn’t be smart for him to ask for it–even to show he wanted it. He needed to wait for a sign that it would happen again, and only President Lee could make that sign.

In the meantime, Elder Calder tried to behave and obey and display all the attributes of a devout missionary. Still, he thought, it felt good to have President Lee touching him.

President Lee ran his hand over Calder’s chest, speaking the sacred words of the ritual as his fingers passed over the boy’s nipples. He let them linger for a moment, feeling his beating heart pound against his muscular chest, sensing his arousal as his smooth fingertips excited his perked up nipples.

Standing behind him, Lee kept the smallest distance possible between he and Elder Calder, not wanting to press his crotch up against the boy’s bare behind just yet. Instead, his hand moved down from the blonde-haired pecs of his young disciple and moved down his smooth, flat stomach. He could feel more soft hairs beneath the palm of his hand, growing in density and length as he went further toward his crotch.

Soon, Lee found his fingers in a well groomed patch of warm hair, just inches about the boy’s exposed cock. He could see Calder’s member twitch, moving slightly with an unseen clenching of the boy’s anus. Elder Calder wanted him to keep going, to keep touching him, to tell him it was okay and that he would be able to experience their hot sex again.

President Lee moved to the front of the boy, seeing his eyes follow him down as he fell his knees. President Lee’s hands caressed his inner thighs, moving up along his genitals, teasing the golden hairs on his legs as he seemed to evade touching the boy’s penis.

Elder Calder stayed strong and still, holding himself in resolve for as long as he could. He tried to consider the older man’s suit more, but he could feel his cock rising in front of him, unhidden and unburdened by clothes. He couldn’t hide his feelings or desires now. It was out in the open… and poking out a mere inches from President Lee’s face…
Published : 07/13/18

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