Elder Butler’s innocent face and lean body have made him very popular with the men of The Order, whose special task is to find the hottest missionary boys and prepare them to join their ranks through a series of erotic rituals culminating in insemination.

They kept an eye on him as he fooled around with other young men in his mission. And early on the Brethren started grooming him to become one of their special recruits.

Though some of the steps of initiation have been challenging and humiliating for other boys, Elder Butler has passed them all with flying colors. Mostly thanks to his eagerness to please, his submissiveness, and a permanent itch to be fucked.

Needless to say Elder Butler has been quite popular.

And now Elder Butler will be heading home.

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He served with honor and is ready to move on to the next stage of his life. Before he ends his mission, he and his sexy companion, Elder Peterson, will undergo an exit interview conducted by the handsome Patriarch Smith.

During this last month of his mission, the two of them have spent all their time together. Not a day goes by that they don’t take the opportunity to explore something new sexually.

The Patriarch knows all about the boys’ adventures, but nevertheless wants to hear it from their own mouths.

He asks Elder Butler about his recruitment efforts since being ordained. Butler recounts the first time Elder Peterson and he had sex. Butler had cleverly gotten Peterson to be curious about what made Butler popular with the jocks in school.

At their exit interview, all boys are asked to recount the details of their many sexual adventures.

…Which gets them turned on. And at that point, the two are ordered to strip out of their suits until they are wearing nothing but their garments (missionary underwear).

The two eagerly put on a show for the handsome older man, kissing and touching each other’s young bodies. They are already tenting the front of their underwear, their erections straining against the sheer material.

The two think things can get no better until the Patriarch joins them, grabbing Elder Butler’s hot, perky ass and inspecting his tight hole. And Elder Peterson is far from neglected – Butler teases his fat cock as the two of them make out.

The Patriarch is in charge, moving the boys petite body here and there with his huge hands. Then, when he’s ready, he opens his fly and pulls his extra-large cock out of his pants. The moment Butler sees the big cock, he wants it inside of him, and Patriarch Smith obliges.

As he fucks the missionary, the boy closes his eyes and moans uncontrollably.

But the Patriarch isn’t content with just one boy. He wants Elder Peterson’s juicy ass, too. So the boys take turns receiving a hard fuck. The priesthood leader shows them exactly what they have to look forward to from The Order.
Published : 12/13/15


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