Rooming together in the mission is an intimate situation. The beds are close together and often times, missionaries can spend hours alonein their rooms, resting or fantasize about what they wish they could do to the other boys. In Elder Brown’s case, he can’t keep his hand off himself as he watches Elder Hardt sleep next to him. The well-groomed boy has always caught Brown’s eye, and now that they are only feet away, he can almost feel the boy’s skin on his fingertips. He wants to touch him so badly, but he is unsure if his feelings will be reciprocated.

He touches himself tenderly under the covers until Hardt finally notices that something is up in the next bed. He begins to talk to Brown casually. He wants to find a way into Brown’s bed without coming off as overly eager. Ironically, he too worries that his attraction to Brown is a one-way street. Finally, he asks Brown about the size of his cock. He wants to see how big it is, and since he can tell the boy is hard, he asks him to whip it out. Brown obeys, showing Hardt his girthy erection, and Hardt can resist no longer. He makes his way into Brown’s bed lays down next to them.
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Now, both boys reveal their boners and touch themselves next to each other. The erotic heat of playing with themselves side by side makes them both sweat. After a while, Hardt gives into his temptations and opens his mouth to wrap his tongue around the tip of Brown’s mushroom tip. He loves the taste of the boy’s dick and lets it slide deeper into his mouth as he sucks. He wants to watch the boy erupt, to taste his cum in his hungry mouth. And Brown delivers, feeding Hardt a creamy load of sperm.
Published : 01/01/14


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