Disciplinary Action

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“Kneel down,” Bishop Angus commands Elder Brier. The boy has been caught disobeying the rules of The Order one too many times to escape punishment. The priests have convened and ruled that Brier must brave the stretcher, one of the most challenging tasks they can throw at a missionary. It is a long wooden plank studded with pegs meant to stretch out a boy’s asshole as he makes his way from one end to the other. The pegs get larger as he progresses, and many boys do not have the grit to make it all the way through. However, Brier has no idea what to expect. All he knows is that he is in for some intense discipline.

He is guided to the stretcher by Bishop Angus, who has taken a personal interest in the boy’s journey towards the higher ranks of The Order. Brier’s head is totally covered by a red hood, and he is in complete darkness as he feels around for Angus’s guiding touch. He trusts the man, but he understands that his disobedience could cause even the most caring of priests to turn against him.
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He hopes that Angus still has his best interests at heart, even if he is the man administering the boy’s punishment.

Finally, after fumbling around in the dark, Brier follows Angus’s commands and kneels down before the wood plank. He is told to feel around in the space in front of him. He moves his hands to the left and feels a peg. He moves his hands to the right and feels a peg. Suddenly, a knot develops in his throat. This is the dreaded stretcher he has heard so much about. He is going to have to stretch his rim in order to make up for his transgressions. A wave of fear runs through Brier’s young body, but he is determined to quash it. He is resolved to never shy away from the consequences of his actions.

He grits his teeth and sits on the first peg, feeling it fill his tight asshole. He knows that there are several more to come, but he does not let the anticipation overwhelm him. He makes his way slowly but surely towards Angus’s voice, understanding that he can prove himself here and now if he shows the man that he is tough. Finally, he braves the last of the pegs and then gives himself to the will of Angus. He is ready to fully submit.

Angus is proud of the boy, but he knows he must conclude his punishment. He bends Brier over and pierces his asshole with his thick cock. Then, he starts to work, thrusting inside the boy’s butt as he moans under the force of his strokes. Angus can hardly contain his excitement as he barebacks Brier from behind. Brier rides his veiny cock until he shoots his creamy load. Now that the disciplinary action is complete, The Order’s will has been satisfied.
Published : 06/21/19

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