When Elder Borski arrived at the mission home, Bishop Angus and Patriarch Smith were both excited for his inspection, but the two brethren got into a little argument about who would do it.

Usually, Bishop Angus inspects the young missionaries and Patriarch Smith evaluates them, but Elder Borski can’t stay at the mission home very long and may not have enough time for an evaluation.

Bishop Angus and the Patriarch finally agreed that they would conduct the inspection on the Missionary from Poland, together.

Although it is not uncommon for the brethren to get into heated debates, they always manage to maintain face, and wear a smile.

When Elder Borski entered the room, the two men behaved, as men in their position should.

But that is not to say that they did not let out a little of their pent up aggression on the unsuspecting Elder Borski; especially when they got him out of his clothes.

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Both men took full advantage of the nude youth in the office, sharing his hard cock and playing with his firm ass.

When it was over, Elder Borski left the office with his tight butt hole feeling a little sore and violated. A feeling which he had to admit he enjoyed.
Published : 12/10/13


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