Elder Boon’s first sexual thoughts involved his older stepbrother. He worked hard to suppress them, but somehow they kept floating back into his head. When the boy finally left for college, he didnt have an immediate object for his affection, so new figures came into view.

He started looking at his teachers, the upperclassmen, anybody who seemed to have more wisdom and experience than he did. Something about being cared for by an older man had always been Boon’s fantasy. He hoped to follow his older stepbrother to college, but his grades were never up to snuff. So, when it came time to leave home, he opted to join the mission rather than go to the local community college.

When he arrived at the mission, his senses were flooded by a sense of nostalgia. For some reason, the pressed white shirts, the ties, the formal manner in which the boys were taught to interact with each other, it all reminded him of his upbringing. It was his stepbrother’s rebelliousness that was so attractive to him in the first place. But now that he is older and more mature, he has come to respect the rules, even revere them. Feeling like he has a role to fill and rules to follow sets Boon’s mind at ease. Rather than confining him, the rules set him free.

Nonetheless, Boon cannot help but find his eyes wandering towards Bishop Davies over and over. He knows that he is not permitted to have these kinds of feelings in the mission, but the secret turns him on. There’s a reckless abandon that comes with his dark fantasies, an image of himself ripping off his tight fitting uniform and leaping into Davies’s arms. He doesn’t care who sees or what the consequences are. He only cares that his body is ravished by the man who reminds him so much of his older stepbrother.

As he steps into the Temple, Boon breathes deeply. He can barely believe that his fantasies are becoming reality right before his eyes. Davies approaches him, putting his hands on his young body, and his skin rises into goosebumps. A warm wave of sensational anticipation rushes through him, making him feel totally flushed. His time is at hand. Soon, he will offer his body for the older man to do whatever he wants.

Davies reaches down and touches Boon’s cock. It feels good in his hands, and his own dick grows rapidly. He strips down and caresses the boy’s body, feeling him open up as he does. He slides his cock in the missionary’s asshole, getting harder by the second. He thrusts deeply, and the boy lets out a slow moan. He fucks him until he is sure he cannot hold back anymore. Finally, he erupts in the boy’s asshole, filling him with a load of dripping cum.
Published : 12/27/19

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