The Sealing

While sexual activity between missionaries is usually forbidden, the orgiastic behavior exhibited during the Sealing ceremony is all part ofElder Berry and Stewart’s next step towards the Order. It all takes place under the watchful eye of Patriarch Smith. And as Elder Berry brings himself to climax while Angel strokes inside Stewarts asshole, Patriarch Smith could not be happier at his progress.

But after Angel sprays his seed on Stewart’s back, Patriarch Smith does not move. Berry is surprised, understanding that this means the ceremony is not complete. Something more must be in store. That is when Angel reaches over and clasps his hand on Berry’s shoulder, pulling him closer to finish the carnal ritual. With almost no down time, he bends Berry over and rubs his cock on the boy’s quivering asshole, getting hard again almost instantaneously. This is why we’ve brought Angel in, Smith thinks.
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The young stud has an incredible sexual appetite that never seems to dissipate. This is demonstrated as he slides his thick prick in Berry’s asshole, filling him with hot cock only instants after unloading a helping of sperm on Stewart’s body.

Smith continues to watch, impressed by the steadfastness of Angel’s topping. He thrusts harder and harder as the sex commences, pounding Berry passionately and with purpose. The priest finds himself aroused but knows that he is only there to watch over the proceedings, not to participate. Sometimes it is healthy to watch as younger men take pleasure in each other’s bodies. It is a reminder of one’s humble beginnings, as the touch of youthful flesh is a totally different experience for the boys. In the meantime, Elder Berry cannot seem to get enough. His eyes roll back in his head as he and Angel jerk themselves to completion, joining each other in a communal cum shower and completing the ceremonial group sex ritual.

Published : 01/27/17


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