When Elder Berry and Elder Stewart come inside to the house dripping wet, they know exactly what the other is thinking.It is almost as though these two boys have some kind of psychic ability. Stewart can always tell when Berry is hungry for his young cock, and he makes sure to take advantage of it every opportunity he gets. He loves to be adored, and whenever Berry gives him those horny eyes, it turns Stewart on to no end. Today, as they soak through their starchy white dress shirts, he is feeling that sensual wind. He wants to taste Berry’s prick.

They undress slowly, looking at each other in the eyes as they do. Somehow, Stewart has always reminded Berry of the younger brother he never had. Sometimes he wishes he was Stewart’s age again, so he could go back and experience learning things for the first time again. What does it feel like to have those first experiences with men? He has almost forgotten. But whenever he is with young Stewart, that nostalgia comes rushing back. He gets flashbulb memories of his first times wrapping his fingers around a thick cock. It was a sensation like he had never experienced before.
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As they finally get out of their clothes, the boys embrace. Stewart reaches out and touches Berry’s body, letting his insides quiver as he does. His asshole starts to tingle as he imagines what it will feel like to have his rectum pierced by Berry’s fat cock. But today, Stewart is feeling extra curious. He wants to stick his dick inside Berry for once, and when he does, Berry cannot get enough. Who knew this twink could top so well? Berry is impressed, and as he shoots his load, he can’t wait for the next time these boys get some time alone together.

Published : 09/10/14


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