As Elder Berry and Elder Stewart walk back home after a long day spreading the good word, they come across a lonely mansitting on the side of the road. They notice right away that this man is beautiful. He has caramel skin and dark features that immediately resonate with the boys. They find out this man’s name is Angel, and they are convinced that they should offer him a place to stay for the night. Angel agrees since he has nowhere else to go, and follows them back their humble abode. Little do the boys know, Angel already has a plan in mind as he walks behind them. These boys are the perfect candidates for a bit of seduction.

When they get back to their place, the boys get in the bottom bunk and Angel climbs to the top to get some rest. However, he knows his presence is casting a sexual energy over the whole evening. Berry and Stewart start to fool around in the bottom bunk, putting their mouths on each other’s cocks as Angel rests above. However, Angel is more than cognizant of their mischievous behavior. In fact, he may even be willing it into existence with his psychic-like powers. There is something strange about this wayfaring man, and Berry and Stewart can’t fight the urge to screw around while he is in the room.
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Finally, Angel sticks his cock through the a hole in the top bunk and lets the boys feast their eyes on his massive dick. They are amazed, and want only to pleasure it to the best of their abilities. They take turns sucking and slobbering on it, covering it in their eager spit and jerking it as they play with each other’s pricks. Finally, Angel sprays the boys in cum, and their delirious hunger is satiated.

Published : 08/20/14


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