The Interview

For some reason, President Lewis has a hard time figuring out Elder Bar. He has met boys like him before – innocent, bubbly, and bright. But usually, with a bit of prying, he is able to get past the polite exterior and into their darker, more lustful side.In fact, he is so good at what he does that Lewis has slowly come to believe that none of the boys in the mission are truly pure. Even the most innocent of the bunch have secrets locked away in hidden compartments in their minds. No boy’s true feelings are safe while Lewis is cross-examining them. But today, as he conducts Elder Bar’s Interview, President Lewis is confounded. Just the way Bar looks into his eyes, without even a tinge of guilt or insincerity, sparks Lewis’s suspicion. Surely, once he gets into the meatier portion of the interview, when he asks about the boy’s feelings towards the men and boys surrounding him, Bar will crack like the rest of them. He undoubtedly has had sexual thoughts, and he will be unable to conceal them. Once again, Lewis will prove masterful in his ability to tease secrets out of even the most ostensibly pure boys. His fellow priests will remain in awe of his uncanny instincts. Yet as the interview moves past the introductory phase, Elder Bar’s demeanor does not shift the way Lewis expects it to. He asks if the boy has ever touched himself, watched pornography, had impure thoughts, and as usual, Bar lies. Lewis can see the deceit clearly. But something is different about the way Bar lies. He does not exude the same sense of guilt and shame that the other boys do when they are forced to conceal the truth from Lewis. Even in his deceit, Bar manages to maintain an air of innocence. How is this possible Lewis thinks? He tries not to show his confusion as the interview continues, but with each question, Lewis grows more and more bewildered. It is almost as though Bar has accepted that his lies are a necessary part of his maintaining his identity. He must lie if he is going to be perceived they way he wants to be wants to be while living the life he wants to live. And somewhere in that understanding has come peace. Suddenly, it hits Lewis. Bar, unlike almost any boy he has ever encountered, is at peace with the fact that he must lie. As this realization crystallizes, Lewis is suddenly overwhelmed by desire. He wants to see if such an aberrant boy will feel different once he is inside of him. He wraps his wet lips around the tip of the boy’s hard cock, taking his shaft all the way down to his balls. Then, he stuffs his girthy cock deep into Bar’s gut. The sensation is incredible, and Lewis can barely contain the intense waves of pleasure that wash over him as he thrusts. The boy’s hole does feel different – it fills the man with an insane need to breed the boy. Lewis strokes until he fills the boy’s hole with cum, as Bar’s face lights up with lust and excitement. It seems that Lewis has met his match.
Published : 10/04/19


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