Personal Hygiene

Elder Bar grew up in a strict household. His father had incredibly high standards for him. Academically, morally, and physically,the man created an environment in which Elder Bar was always falling short. To this day, Bar bears the scars of constantly disappointing his parents. As a result, he holds himself to the same impossibly high standards. He makes sure to keep his physique in prime condition at all times and will never let anyone see him stumble. Every hair on his head must be well kept, and every corner of his mouth clean. Because in his mind, failing to take care of oneself is the biggest failure of all.

Today, Bar is nervous as he prepares for his upcoming meeting with President Lewis. He has heard much about the man, and the rest of the High Priesthood for that matter, and he is anxious to impress. He knows that he will be put to the test, evaluated and judged for every aspect of his being. And though the judgement brings back difficult memories of the time he spent under his father’s watchful eye, in some ways it is comforting.
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With a rubric to guide him, Bar has direction and purpose. Perhaps he is happier when trying to reach some unattainable goal.

Young Bar brushes his teeth vigorously and examines his own reflection. He is never completely satisfied with what he sees, but he feels that maybe he can fake his way through his mission. He slowly takes off his clothes as he begins his daily workout regimen. He does an intense ab routine before stripping bare to run through his yoga moves. But as he works through his exercises, he feels something strange in the air. There is some kind of magnetism—a wave pulsing through him. He tries to ignore it and continue his workout, but it does not fade. The sensation makes its way down to his crotch and soon his cock is standing at attention.

Maybe this is the omniscient presence of The Order that everyone speaks of. It seems as though the sexuality of the High Priesthood can be felt everywhere throughout the halls of the mission. And as Bar flexes his toned muscles, he finds himself more and more turned on. He works his hand down towards his loins, wrapping his fingers around his thick cock. Slowly and gently he begins to stroke.

He imagines the next day – his meeting with President Lewis. He can feel the man’s eyes looking over his body, making calculations and predictions about his fitness and ability. The fear of failure only brings him to a more heightened state of sensuality as he runs his hands over his own cut muscles. Finally, he reaches an intense climax, shooting warm cum all over the bathroom and covering his own penis in stickiness. Bar is confused by his reaction to the impending judgement, but he has no time to consider his psyche. He can only continue to prepare for the road ahead.
Published : 08/09/19


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