Bishop Angus conducted a pre-mission interview this week, with his nephew, Johnny (Elder Angusson).

We caught up with Elder Angusson just before his scheduled interview time. He was clearly excited and nervous as he sat outside the bishop’s office along with two other young men. They were each waiting for their turn while intently listening to the sounds coming from the bishop’s office.

An hour earlier, the bishop took a return missionary into his office for his post mission interview. The sounds were unmistakable, and the young sitting in a row were straining to listen in almost as intensely as their young dicks were straining against the fabric of their slacks.

Almost exactly on time, Bishop Angus opened his office door to excuse a strikingly handsome Elder…and they both appeared to be positively glowing.

Johnny used his scriptures to cover the tent he’d pitched as he jumped up and hurried into the bishop’s office.

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Bishop Angus started things by letting Johnny know that prior to their interview, he had already spoken with Johnny’s father.

“I had questions for your dad about your readiness to serve a mission. Your dad said you were concerned about being worthy. He said you had some questions for me?”

Apparently the boy was concerned after reading the official worthiness guidelines for those wanting to serve a mission. Like nearly all other young missionary men his age, he masturbated. Also like other young missionary men his age, he had been taught at church that masturbation was an ugly thing. He had a hard time even saying the word “masturbation.”

“When I was a boy, my cousins and I fooled around. Just like you, our dads encouraged us to not use this power alone. But that didn’t stop us from masturbating periodically. I want you to know that doing things by yourself isn’t something to be so worried about. Times have changed.

But there is, however, a time and a place for these things.”
Published : 12/25/13


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