Elder Angusson is ordained to the higher priesthood by Bishop Angus (his father’s twin brother).

At least we’re pretty sure it was Bishop Angus doing the ordaining; In missionarydom, it is not uncommon for a father to ordain his son.

For all the brethren know, the twins may have switched so the father could have the honors.

“I know that some men are really bothered by the idea about knowing anything about their dad sexually, but for as long as I can remember I have always thought my dad and his twin brother were both super hot.

I took every chance I could to see them undress at fathers and sons outings, scout camps, family reunions, etc.

I have a cousin that’s a little older than me, and he and I used to play at his house in the basement. We were both very into our dads, and looking back at those times we played together, I wonder if our dads weren’t upstairs fully aware of what their sons were doing downstairs.”

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Recounting this memory was visibly turning on the young Elder Angusson, who was all too happy to continue sharing his memories.

“When I first learned that uncle David was part of the brotherhood, I devoted every waking minute toward figuring out how I could join the order.

Getting ordained is what I’ve wanted more than anything, and being ordained by my uncle is just icing on the cake.”
Published : 02/25/14


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