The Interview

Elder Addison had only met President Ballard a handful of times, and never very intimately. He’d taken note of the olderman’s powerful presence and demeanor, even hearing from other missionaries that he could be pretty tough when he had to be. Addison took this to mind, but never imagined he would ever be in Ballard’s crosshairs. Until now.

It only happened once, but Addison and his companion had crossed a line. The two young boys were up late talking and fooling around before the idea of showing each other their dicks came up. It seemed like a silly thing at the time, but Elder Addison did have a curiosity to see what his companion was concealing. And when he whipped it out, Addison knew that he liked what he saw.

Almost as soon as it happened, Addison felt his whole body tense with anxiety. missionarys aren’t supposed to get naked with one another, let alone enjoy it. 

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If the priesthood ever found out, it could mean being sent home to their families in shame. Even possibly being excommunicated from the church and community completely! A lot was at stake.

So when Addison was called in to meet with President Ballard, he was nervous that his companion might have said something. The conversation centered around his sexual desires and temptations, even into his experience before his mission work. Not wanting to get in trouble, the quiet, shy missionary sat and obediently listened to the older man, trying his best not to reveal too much.

“Have you ever had thoughts of sexual attraction to some of the same sex?” Ballard asked him.

Shifting in his chair, Addison replied shakily, “Umm… no.” His eyes pointed down to the ground, trying as hard as he could to not make eye contact.

“I sense some discomfort,” Ballard observed, watching the boy fidget and squirm. “I think you have. …Tell me about it. You can be honest with me.”

Addison’s heart beat faster. His face turned red and his ears felt like they were on fire. He was embarrassed and scared. Plus, Ballard was incredibly intimidating. His deep, gravelly voice boomed through the room, practically reverberating off the walls.

His salt and pepper beard was neatly trimmed and made him seem even more powerful, giving him the look of a wise, strong king. Addison feared what his answer might bring out in him… and what price he’d pay for being honest.

“I–I don’t want to get sent home,” Addison quietly responded, with the meekness of a mouse being interrogated by a lion.

The stately older man leaned in, staring into the boy’s scared eyes. He was sitting in a chair not more than 3 feet away, and this gesture brought him a full foot closer.

“I’m not going to send you home, Elder Addison. Not if you tell the truth.”

He didn’t know if he should trust the words he heard, but he knew that lying would only hurt him more. Feeling helpless and resigned, Elder Addison told Ballard the whole story. To the president, this was innocent behavior, nothing truly exceptional or salacious. But he could see in Addison’s mind, it was a damning admission.

Still, Ballard enjoyed hearing the stories of his horny missionaries. And as well endowed as he was, any arousal marked a noticeable shift in the landscape of his crotch. He slowly spread his legs apart, just enough to give his cock room to stretch out. The move, as small as it was, was noticed by Elder Addison. The young boy’s eyes immediately darted between the man’s legs, looking directly at the shape of his groin.

Addison wasn’t aware that he’d even looked. It happened so fast, just an impulse. But for President Ballard, this was proof of his suspicious. And something he needed to explore further. He listened to Addison finish his story.

“It was just a one time thing. And it won’t happen again. Besides, I don’t feel those feelings anymore.”

Anymore. The word fell in the air like an anvil. He just admitted to feeling something. Not just doing something. He tried to tell the story as if he stumbled into an activity that meant nothing and was stupid, but by acknowledging he felt something, it was almost as bad as if he said plainly, “I like boys.”

“I didn’t suggest that you did,” Ballard replied, his tone more curious. “Are you telling me you felt attracted to him?”

“No!” Addison answered, his words failing to convince even himself. Seeing the disbelief in Ballard’s expression, he continued, “Not anymore.”

President Ballard dragged his chair in closer. The two foot separation reduce to a foot. “Be honest,” he softly spoke, leaning in even more. “Are you sure?”

Addison felt himself get hot. A drop of sweat began to form on his temple. In a moment it would fall down his face like in the movies, the visual evidence of his treachery and lies. He wanted to run, he saw he was in trouble and there was no way out.

And his eyes kept returning to the center of Ballard’s crotch, a constant reminder of his own shameful truth: he was attracted to him, and powerless to fight to him. But needing to answer him, he nodded vehemently in affirmation to his lie.

“Can you prove that?”

Addison kept nodding, agreeing to something he had no idea how he’d prove. Ballard smiled and answered, “Okay. …Stand up and take off your clothes.”

Elder Addison slowly rose to his feet and began to disrobe. It seemed strange to him that he’d have to undress, but he would do anything–anything at all–to walk away and not be sent home.

As he unbuttoned his shirt, his began to shake, trembling under the pressure and fear. President Ballard watched intently from his chair, observing him like detective sweating out a suspect. Addison tried to calm down, focusing on doing what the president said, but his attraction to him became mixed up in his emotions. As if the pumping of his heart got confused, he felt a swelling in his genitals. Oh, no, he thought. Why now?

He wanted to stop, but he knew that doing so would be just as bad as revealing his erection beneath his garments. He didn’t know what to do, so he kept going, taking off his shirt and his pants. There was nowhere now to hide.

“You’re hard,” Ballard said, a hint of surprise in his voice. He looked at the boy’s red face and stiff member. Addison placed his hands in front of his body, as if trying to shield himself from view. But Ballard pushed his arms away. “Put your hands at your side.”

Hesitating, Addison had the idea to just not do it, but instantly changed his mind. It’s too late. It’s out there. He’s seen it.

Ballard didn’t say anything once he moved his arms. He just looked at him, studying him up and down. His eyes were so precisely surveying him, they could have been taking measurements. Once he’d learned all he could by sight, Ballard raised a hand to him, placing it on the underside of the boy’s balls, grazing them as if to assess their weight.

The touch caused Addison’s body to clench up, resulting in a sudden movement in his massive erection. The boy was impressively endowed with his member pointing up toward the waistband. It was so big, in fact, that it nearly popped up past the waistband of his garments when the president touched him.

“Are you hard because you’re thinking of me touching? Or because you like taking your clothes off in front of me?”

His hand moved up the boy’s groin to his stomach, feeling his smooth body, then back down onto the meat of his cock. He grabbed it like it was an object, disconnected from his body. He squeezed it, stroked it, fingered its length. Addison was now painfully aroused. It was bad enough that thought the man was attractive, but having him handle his genitals was more than he could bear. He let out a soft moan, almost a whimper as he felt the man’s hands work his cock so playfully and casually.

Ballard looked up and saw Addison’s furrowed brow, wrestling with the idea of an older man touching him. But on the tip of the boy’s cock, Ballard could detect a small drop of pre-cum seeping out into the fabric of his garments. The older man smiled, seeing all he needed to know about the boy’s true desires.

“Such a naughty boy…”
Published : 03/23/18

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