The Calling

“Do you know why you’re here today?” President Lee asked, sitting behind his ornate, wooden desk. He seemed to embody his title completely. Authoritative, powerful, honored, respected. His face was chiseled and masculine, seemingly as muscular as the rest of him. He stared at Elder Addison with his grey eyes, making him forget himself and the question.

He didn’t really know why he was there. It all seemed like part of a strange, erotic dream. After having been fondled and milked by President Ballard, the older man told him vague and confusing details about a secret, fraternal order, one that was to stay a secret from the other missionaries and priests he may encounter.

He wasn’t sure why this was being shared with him, only that it was critical that he do as the older man says–as all others who went before him cautioned.

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In return, the members of the secret Order would bless him with his calling and election being made sure. He would obtain the true higher priesthood.

It seemed like an impossible, incomprehensible thing for Elder Addison. Aside from disrupting the foundation of his beliefs, how could he achieve this thing? And in short order it had become clear to him that he was now on a course he could not deviate from without significant consequences.

President Lee called him into his office shortly thereafter, telling him only that he would be picking up where Ballard left off.

So here he was: sitting nervous beside another handsome man, without any concept of what would be asked of him. Still, the excitement of the unknown was like nothing he’d ever felt. And Elder Addison was curious to see where this journey would take him.

“Y-yes,” Addison replied, trying to confidently affirm his presence and purpose, only to stammer out the words. He was nervous. It was hard for him not to be.

“Very good,” Lee continued. “We’re going to begin by having you stand up and disrobe.”

Addison rose to his feet and began to take off his clothes. He tried to remain calm, almost clinical. He took his clothes off for his doctor, so why not President Lee? Besides, if this was anything like his last meeting, stripping down was sure to just be the beginning.

Once he was down to his garments, President Lee stood up and walked toward him. The older man was taller than he seemed while sitting, rising above Addison and making him feel small. He wasn’t just powerful in position, but in stature as well. His shoulders were massive and spread wide, giving his chest plenty of space stretch out.

As he came closer, he immediately put his hands on the boy’s body, feeling him like he was a piece of property being inspected. He felt around his stomach and chest, getting a sense of his fitness and health, even running a hand down the back of his garments to test out his buttocks.

“Very nice,” Lee whispered, seemingly to himself. He didn’t have the regard for Addison that the boy expected. His touch lacked any timidity or hesitation. He didn’t wait for any kind of permission. He pawed at him like he owned him. It made Addison feel a little strange… but he couldn’t help but feel his cock swell inside his garments all the same.

President Lee turned the boy around so that he was facing away from him and pressed his body against him, meeting his crotch against the boy’s nearly nude tailbone. Addison felt a hard object poking against him, but he couldn’t tell if it was bulge or buckle.

President Lee removed his tie, keeping his pelvis pressed against the boy’s buttocks, grinding gently between his cheeks as he opened up shirt. Once the accessory was pulled away, he placed a hand down the boy’s shirt, feeling his smooth, soft chest and the other unbuttoned his shirt.

From Addison’s perspective, he only felt the hand over his beating heart and heard the swooshing sounds of fabric moving through air. He wanted to turn around and see the handsome older man behind him, stripping down to his garments and exposing his flesh. Instead, he knew the unspoken rules of the game of “Simon Says,” and “Simon” had yet to permit him a glance.

President Lee looked at the boy obediently standing still. He was pleased. He saw his submission as he took of his shirt, running a hand up the boy’s long, verile nick, bringing his mouth in to gently kiss and nibble on the lobe of his ear. Feeling his face so intimately propped up and teased, Addison let out a trembling breath, suddenly overtaken by his own passion for more.

Turning Addison around to face him, the young boy looked on President Lee for the first time in his garments. His tan skin seemed to glow like freshly polished bronze beneath the sheer white of his top. His chest was even bigger than he imagined, with his nipples hard and erect, practically cutting through their coverings. His biceps acted like shelved to hold up his delicate sleeves. He was more than Addison could have hoped for when he was a teenager, jerking off to fantasies of hot, older men.

President Lee pulled off the boy’s shirt, stripping him down further, making him even more vulnerable to his touch. Lee then knelt down, lowering himself to the still-rising bulge of Elder Addison’s crotch. He tugged at his waist band, exposing a peak of his hips and the start of his pubic hair. The older man brought his mouth to the warm, smooth skin of his pelvic, kissing it gently as he had his ears.

He continued to pull at his garment shorts, sliding them past the boy’s throbbing boner, watching happily as it flung free from its cotton restraints, oscillating up and down as it found its new position pointing straight out from the young boy’s body.

Elder Addison couldn’t believe he was here again: fully hard in front of a powerful, handsome leader of his church. What was he doing? How could this be happening? Nothing about this was okay. …Except, he wanted more. He wanted to feel the man’s body on his. He wanted kiss him back, the way he’d kissed his hips and his ear. He wanted to taste his mouth and peel off his garments!

President Lee took the boy’s cock in his massive hand, making his long erection seem almost puny in the grip of his muscular arm. The older man’s limb was lined with vascular rivers beneath the skin, popping up to show his strength and intensity. His muscles bulged as he tilted his member closer to his mouth, running it against the heat of his breath, bringing it dangerously close to his lips.

Elder Addison looked down, breathing heavily and shaking in anticipation, waiting for the inevitable to happen and release him from the wait. President Lee looked up and could see the boy’s hunger. He could even see it glistening out the tip of his cock. Pacing himself and teasing out the moment, he ever so slowly brought the boy’s cock to the tip of his tongue, tasting him for the first time as he watched the boy tremble with pleasure…
Published : 03/30/18

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