Second Anointing

Elder Addison stepped forward into the bright white room, his eyes fixed on the handsome man standing inside. Wearing awhite suit and shoe, President Ballard’s dark beard and gray eyes caught his attention without anything else to distract.

As he stepped closer, the young missionary felt his chest become warm and tingly as his heart began to flutter. He was nervous, and he wasn’t entirely sure why. He’d been with men in the temple before as he progressed toward his ordination, but something about President Ballard made him tremble with nervous energy.

As he approached him, Elder Addison tried his best to keep his temple shield straight and neat over his garments. He, too, wore an all white ensemble that seemed to make him one with his space. All there was to see was this flesh peaking out and the rosy hue of his cheeks.
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President Ballard was quick to remove the boy’s shield, even continuing to undress him down past his garments. Elder Addison held his breath tightly, taking small, discreet inhalations through his nose, as if he were holding it in as some form of strength.

President Ballard saw the boy holding such tension in his body, but proceeded to admire him and undress him. His behavior toward him was direct and without much build up. Just as the boy was in reach of him, President Ballard was handling him with unrelenting intention.

Perhaps it was the suddenness with which Ballard pulled at his clothing, or the quiet, meditative way in which he did it… either way, Elder Addison felt himself becoming aroused as he held air in his chest.

Ballard moved his hand inside the boy’s garments, touching his cock as if he were inspecting it. He handled it so freely, without pausing to ask permission. It was a shock to Addison, but also comforting and pleasant. He hadn’t felt the man’s hand since he was first brought into the temple, stroking his member to test his desires. He still felt like he was being tested, but now, he’s had the chance to prepare and practice.

President Ballard removed the boy’s bottoms, leaving him exposed and naked in the white room. He led him to a tall, white table, covered in a thick altar cloth. He directed the boy to sit on top of it, hanging his legs over the edge toward him.

With the boy seated, his erection stood up straight between his legs. Ballard’s eye caught its massive size, causing him to kneel down and bring it to his mouth.

His warm breath passed over the Addison’s genitals, giving him a chance to prepare his body as he clenched up and received the hot, wet mouth of his leader. His smooth tongue and lips passed over his shaft, sending pleasant waves throughout his tense body.

As he sucked, Ballard began to remove his shirt and tie, careful to expertly keep his mouth in place as he began to disrobe. Addison felt his nervous dissipate as the pleasure from his blowjob drowned out his anxiety. He was nervous about the older man, yes, but more and more he wanted to feel him on him and in him.

Perhaps it was his stern and gruff appearance that made him uneasy. Or maybe it was the fact that he was much older than him. Or that he was stronger, wiser, more experienced. Or simply that he was so much more powerful. Or a combination of it all.

He couldn’t figure out why he made him so uneasy but also so incredibly turned on. He wanted to sort out his thoughts, but everytime he came close to a resolution, he felt the older man’s tongue pass over the head of his shaft, bringing him out of his mind and back to the feeling of being felated on the temple altar.

Ballard had stripped himself down to his garments, almost never taking his bearded mouth off the boy’s member. The sheer fabric clung to his broad back as he bend over the boy’s lap. He took his mouth away for a moment to push the boy back onto the table, lifting his legs up from their hanging position and spreading them apart.

With his legs spread, Elder Addison felt his boy hole open up to the air, aware of its exposure and access. Within seconds, President Ballard was aware of the opportunity that was laid out before him and moved his mouth down to rim the boy’s ass.

Addison felt a quick gasp of air exit his lungs as the man’s experienced tongue danced around his delicate sphincter. With each movement, it seemed to release a tension he felt in his muscles, one by one. He felt himself relaxing more, becoming more comfortable and at ease. His shoulders dropped and his back unclenched.

Ballard could feel the boy shifting in his grasp. With the boy leaning back to present his hole better, holding his legs apart, he could practically see into the boy’s heart and mind. He could practically taste it on his hole that he was warming up to him, readying himself for what was to come.

Elder Addison had not yet experienced the full size and girth of his cock, but he’s seen it before in the rise of his garments… the same rise he could keenly observe now. It was yet another thing that made him nervous. The sheer size of the man’s member was possibly more than he could handle, but he knew he needed to. What’s more, he wanted to…
Published : 06/15/18

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