President Lee couldn’t hardly wait to tear off the boy’s clothes. Elder Addison stood patiently and obediently in the templechamber, waiting for the older man to receive him and begin his ordination. Normally this would be moment full of ceremony and decorum. But today, President Lee felt a stirring in his loins that made him feel more sinner than saint.

Lee’s eyes focused in one Addison’s. The young boy wasn’t sure what would be expected of him–other than servicing and submitting to the muscle daddy. When he saw Lee step into the room, he could see the hungry look in his eyes that said they were getting right down to business.

President Lee grabbed Elder Addison, pulling him closely to him, feeling his younger, smaller, submissive body press against his, crashing into him as his strong arms handled him forcefully. Addison did not cower or shy away from his superior’s advances.
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In fact, he returned his passion with expressions of his own.

Addison tilted his head upward, kissing President Lee, tasting his tongue as it moved swiftly inside his mouth. As they embraced, they tore each other’s clothes off, as if racing to see who could become undone the fastest. Their hands moved fast and skillfully, tugging at buttons, zippers, sleeves and ties.

The sound of fabric moving was deafened only by the aggressive panting and breathing of the ferociously horny men. Once they were stripped down to their garments, President Lee paused to gaze upon his beautiful young boy.

Elder Addison’s eyes were full of excitement and desire, his bottom lip seeming to twitch with anticipation, waiting for Lee’s to return to it.

Instead, Lee ran his hand up the boy’s smooth chest, feeling it’s firm surface beneath his sheer missionary garments. He could see his youthful nipples becoming aroused beneath. With a carefully placed hand, he teased them, watching them poke up and out.

Elder Addison let out a soft moan, seemingly trying to keep his erotic sounds quiet. President Lee knew this instinct. Many of the boys had it. From years of keeping their secret masturbations silent and unknown to their companions, they boys felt instinctively self-conscious of their vocalizations.

President Lee, however, needed no such considerations. He wanted to fuck his young boy deep and hard, exciting him to the point where he couldn’t control himself. He wanted to breed him and pound him, pushing out every moan and scream and cry for more…
Published : 07/27/18


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