President Lee ran his lightly oiled hands over Elder Addison’s body, careful to keep the loosely draped temple shield on the boy’s shoulders. Addison stood still, trying to keep his composure as the handsome man’s fingers trailed over his exposed flesh.

Ever since the older man fucked him, Addison felt himself shaky and unsure of himself. What was he doing? What was he allowing himself to do? It seemed crazy that he was having sex with one of the leaders of the church–but something about that made it even more exciting.

With each gesture, he spoke ceremonial words, anointing him all over in preparation for his ordination into the Order. He still wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but he was happy to do as his superiors told him. And if it meant getting touched and caressed by President Lee, he didn’t dare question it.

Lee’s hands moved down his belly, down his legs, and back up toward his genitals. Read more . . .

He felt himself becoming aroused as the man’s focused shifted toward them. Lee had been seemingly intent on not looking at his penis throughout the naked ceremony, but now, he gave it his entire attention.

“I anoint your loins,” President Lee began, running his warm, slipper fingers along the base of his shaft. “May you be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.”

His hands cradled his balls, holding them up from their usual fallen position, lifting up his cock in the process, exciting it’s arousal to the point of near fullness.

“Through ordination, may you raise up a godly seed.” His words sounded so powerful, as if they were releasing some divine intention. He’d heard words like this before, his whole life, in fact. But never had he connected so much with their meaning until now. Not until his literal gonads were in the hands of his leader.

President Lee’s eyes stayed locked on the boys cock, as if he were trying to watch for its growth. Instead, he brought the boy’s penis to his mouth, running it over his bottom lip. He was just feeling its texture on his mouth, not even yet tasting it. His hot breath poured over the boy’s loins like a warm, heavy blanket.

Addison felt himself tingle all over with anticipation. The hot breath stirred everything inside him, even making the hairs on his neck stand at attention. His mouth watered and his lips broke apart. He felt himself become flushed and aroused. He wanted him to keep going, but he didn’t have the words to ask for it.

Just then, President Lee took the boy past his lip and into his mouth, running his swollen cock along his tongue and back into his throat. The older man let out an exhale through his nose as it fill him, moaning inaudibly on the throbbing member, only perceptible to Addison by the subtle vibration it express.

Elder Addison watched as Lee continued to take him, seeming to swallow him over and over, sending wave upon wave of pleasure over his penis and throughout his body. He could see that Lee loved every second of it. The way he breathed around him, his fingers moved, and his eyes softened as if he were too overcome to keep them from closing slightly.

He knew that feeling. It was the feeling he’d felt when President Lee had fucked him. Not right away… not when he first broke through his virgin hole. But within minutes–several minutes–when his hole learned what to do and how to proceed, the pleasure he felt from the unyielding penetration of the leader’s massive cock was enough to make him lose nearly all motor functions save for those keeping him fucked. He would have forgotten how to walk if he wasn’t keeping his legs spread apart.

President Lee stopped himself to stand up beside him. His lips glistened with well worked saliva as he proceeded to remove his shirt, tie, and jacket. Elder Addison could hardly speak from the oral service he’d received. He was caught mute and disarmed, feeling his cock cool in the air, now freed from the older man’s throat.

He was led to sit on a nearby stool, something he was grateful for. Another few moments more and he would have been close to losing his motor functions again. The stool was cushioned and comfortable, but not terribly large. He sat on his tailbone, keeping much of his ass open to the air. He didn’t think of what opportunity he’d provided until President Lee knelt down to take it.

The older man push aside his clothing, stripping off his pants and shoes as well. Down to his garments, President Lee brought his mouth between the boy’s thighs, spreading his legs apart as he took him in again. The boy let out a moan, surprised the auditory response he let out, thinking he was just going to let out a breath. He felt embarrassed, as if it was improper for him to show any signs of enjoyment.

President Lee didn’t stop or speak up about it. If anything, it only seemed to push him further. The handsome older man moved his muscled arm up to meet the boy’s genitals. Addison thought he was going to begin stroking his well wetted cock, but instead President Lee pressed his fingers gently against his exposed and accessible hole.

Addison let out another deep breath. His fingers caught him off guard, making him tremble with excitement. The older man’s tip trailed along the edge of anus, teasing every subtle bit of flesh that made up his delicate backside. Addison held tightly onto the edge of the stool, trying not to slip off it as he was playfully teased and tickled.

The older man pushed a little further, applying a little more pressure, and watched with joy as the boy’s hole opened to receive him. Beautiful. Just beautiful, Lee thought to himself. The boy’s hole seemed to have a mind of its own, even separate from Addison’s. While Addison fought to make sense of the feelings and the rules and the church, his body knew a fundamental, guiding truth: it needed to be fucked again…
Published : 05/11/18


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