Elder Isaacs is a handsome missionary jock who has been having a little trouble with a knee injury he sustained as a high school football player. Since missionaries spend much of their time walking, he has really been struggling with the pain.

Elder Butler has had a crush on Elder Isaacs since he arrived in the district, and when he hears that the stud is suffering from an injury, he realizes that now is his opportunity to find out if there’s any chance Elder Isaacs might get it up for another guy.

Elder Butler recently had his own ass probed by the hot, mission doctor, President Woodruff. And he knows that once the doctor sees this sexy missionary boy, he won’t be able to resist playing with his ass. So Elder Butler tells Elder Isaacs to make an appointment, and then waits to hear how it goes.

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President Woodruff has a great job. Since he’s the only missionary doctor in the area, all of the missionaries come to him when they have medical issues. And that gives him the opportunity to examine their fit, young bodies. And since these hot missionary boys are sexually frustrated, they’re all really horny and it’s easy for him to talk them into getting naked, getting hard, and getting off.

His favorite thing to do to the boys is to lube up their tight buttholes and then penetrate them with his fingers and his probes. The moment he lays eyes on Elder Isaacs, he wonders just how big a plug the boy’s asshole will take.

The kid seems totally sheltered, but President Woodruff knows that he can use his authority to convince the boy to spread his legs, and that once he gets a probe in there, the boy is going to love it.

Elder Isaacs has spent lots of time in locker rooms, so he isn’t shy about his body at all. He strips naked when the doctor asks him to, puts his feet in the cold metal stirrups, and lets the doctor finger his hole. The lube is cold, and at first the fingering is a little painful. But almost immediately the pain turns to pleasure.

He trusts the older man implicitly, and when first one probe and then another, and then another make their way into his butt, he can’t keep his dick from getting hard. The pleasure in his ass is like nothing he has ever felt before. He asks if it’s ok if he plays with himself, and the doctor smiles and gives him permission. Then he pulls out an enormous butt plug.

Very few of the missionaries he sees can fit this one in their boy-holes, but he has a feeling that this missionary boy will be up to the challenge. And he hopes that with the help of this last toy, he’ll be able to milk a load of cum out of the boy’s hard cock…
Published : 04/15/15


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