Elder Ormonde has always known he’s gay, but he knows well the consequences of admitting it. Instead, he’s been careful to avoid any questions about sexuality--and lie when he must. Now that he’s on his mission, he’s surrounded by handsome men and boys that test his resolve.

The Brethren have seen the way Ormonde looks at some of their leaders and are curious to see just how deep his desires go. Fortunately, they are experts in finding out the truth of what makes their young, horny, submissive boys tick. Ormonde may be good at keeping his attractions a secret, but he’s no match for the men of the Order.


Elder Ormonde   The Interview

Elder Ormonde left the temple confused. He fidgeted with his shirt sleeve, trying to keep it aligned correctly with his suit  [More]


Elder Ingles & Elder Ormonde   Seduction

“Are you jerking off?" It was a soft break in the silence, but it boomed through the room like cannon.  Elder Ormonde had  [More]


Elder Ormonde   Second Anointing

President Lee watched as Elder Ormonde slowly stepped toward, uneasy with his new reality and the things he was asked [More]


Elder Ormonde   Ordination

Elder Ormonde sat on the daybed, waiting for President Lee to arrive. The room was completely white all over, without so [More]


Elder Ormonde   The Sacrament

Though, in his personal life he has always done a good job of keeping his desires under wraps, since starting his mission, Elder Ormonde has given into [More]