Future missionaries prepare to serve from the time they are very young. They save money, study their scriptures, and most importantly keep their minds and bodies pure. They are taught not to have sex, masturbate, or even entertain unclean thoughts. This discipline serves an important purpose: the men of The Order want to be the first to enjoy the boy’s’ virgin bodies, and they want to see their innocence and curiosity in their young faces.

Elder Hult is no exception. He has been dreaming about his mission since he was just a little boy, and he guarded his body and mind from any unchaste thoughts and actions. But as puberty hit, he found it harder to control his fantasies. He was constantly thinking about the other boys at his high school, picturing them naked, even imagining what it would be like to have sex with them.

And then, a few months before he was scheduled to go on his mission, he surrendered to temptation. One of the classmates he dreamed about all the time caught his glance lingering on his crotch. The boy returned his stare, and though Elder Hult had never dared to tell anyone about his longings, he impulsively acted on them. The boys found a secluded spot behind the school, and Hult dropped to his knees and took the other kid’s sizeable cock in his mouth. It was the first time for both of them, and in moments the boy had unloaded his nuts right down Hult’s throat, and Hult had creamed in his underwear without even touching himself.

Will his mission leaders know he isn’t worthy to serve?


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