Elder Call has always been a daddy’s boy, but he doesn’t tell his old man everything. His father, President Lewis, is one of the senior priesthood leaders, and the young man wants to make him proud. He’s everything a boy should be — handsome, athletic, sweet and obedient. But he struggles with a secret attraction to others of his own sex. Including his strict father.

But The Order would never pass up the opportunity to make one of their own out of a boy as beautiful as Elder Call. One look at the young man and you know the cum coursing through his balls is sweet and fresh.

It was hard for Elder Call to give up his old life to go on a mission. He was very popular, and played several sports. But if he has to dedicate himself to missionary work for two years, he plans to make the most of it — to love his companions and his leaders, to enjoy himself, to savor every sweet second.