Elder Brier outwardly comes off as the rebellious type. He has his own sense of style and follows his own set of rules, refusing to change for anyone. He won’t even comb his hair to look presentable for the men of The Order! But this provocative streak masks his true desires – he desperately needs someone to take control and drill a sense of discipline into his chaotic life. Maybe he can find the structure that he has been searching for on his mission, but he won’t give up his sense of individuality that easily. It’ll take hard corporal punishment from the stern priests to make this boy bend. And secretly, he can't wait.


Elder Brier   In the Missionary Bathroom

Elder Brier is relatively new to his mission, and he is still learning the ropes. But as he has spent more and more time under [More]


Elder Brier   The Calling

Some may consider Elder Brier a rebel without a cause - but President Oaks sees right through his facade. There is something [More]