Rumors have been going around the that he's done inappropriate things with his companion.

The priesthood need to get to for all. This shy, submissive boy needs a strong, guiding hand to come in and put him on the right service... and to see if the truth is as exciting as the rumor.


Elder Addison   The Interview

Elder Addison had only met President Ballard a handful of times, and never very intimately. He’d taken note of the older [More]


Elder Addison   The Calling

“Do you know why you’re here today?” President Lee asked, sitting behind his ornate, wooden desk. He seemed to embody [More]


Elder Ingles   The Covenant

Bishop Hart looked down at Elder Ingles as the boy took his foot in his hand. The handsome leader sat on the edge of a bed, [More]

Elder Allen had been an AP (Assistant to the President). That was until he got caught jacking off with one of the zone leaders during a “workover” (also called an “exchange” in some missions).

Unbeknownst to Elder Allen, the Area Authority who oversaw his mission is a member of the secretive organization of priesthood men who hold the keys to the highest priesthood authority.

When word went out about Elder Allen's disciplinary council, The Brethren arranged an emergency transfer to their special mission home where he would be evaluated and possibly inducted into The Order.


Elder Allen   Evaluation

Elder Allen has always gone back and forth on his sexuality. Through his whole childhood, he was scared of the possibility that he may [More]

Elder Allred has the physique, the face, and the countenance that would make almost anyone standing next to him feel inadequate. Despite this, Elder Allred is among the most compassionate and caring people I know.

What sometimes comes across companions.

Bishop Angus was excited to see his nephew, Johnny Angusson. Prior to their interview, he gave his brother a call to find out more about the boy's worthiness.

Like nearly all other young missionary men his age, Johnny masturbated several times a day. Also like other missionary boys his age, he had a hard time even saying the word “masturbation.”

Bishop Angus wanted to put the boy at ease about masturbation and prepare him for the higher priesthood. He started the conversation by disclosing that when they were younger, both he and Johnny's dad had fooled around with their cousins.



Bishop Angus conducted a pre-mission interview this week, with his nephew [More]


Elder Angusson   ORDINATION

Elder Angusson is ordained to the higher priesthood by Bishop Angus [More]

Elder Berry is an accomplished, handsome missionary. The men of The Order watched him go from being a shy greenie, new to the mission and totally inexperienced, to a seasoned missionary who has poise, and self-confidence.

This horny missionary boy fooled around in high school, but it wasn’t until he became a full-time missionary that he went all the way with another boy.

He first got one companion and then another to explore their sexual fantasies. But eventually, all his fun caught up to him and his adventure took some very unexpected turns.


Elder Berry, Elder Stewart, Angel   Wayfaring Man

As Elder Berry and Elder Stewart walk back home after a long day spreading the good word, they come across a lonely man [More]


Elder Berry, Elder Stewart   Dripping Wet

When Elder Berry and Elder Stewart come inside to the house dripping wet, they know exactly what the other is thinking. [More]


Elder Berry, Elder Stewart   Second Discussion

The apartment smells like weed and Elder Berry and Elder Stewart are not too happy about it. They are afraid they are [More]

Elder Blaylock, age 18, is among the first wave of missionaries who arrived in the mission field after the Church changed its policy regarding the minimum age.

Now all worthy men are eligible and instructed to go on missions after turning 18, and the Brethren are very excited about this new change.

I've had my eye on Elder Blaylock ever since he arrived in the area. As Ward Mission Leader I go on "splits" with all the missionaries. The two of us hit it off right away, and wasted no time getting friendly.



Elder Blaylock and I went on "splits" together.  [More]

While he was still in the MTC, Elder Borski told his branch president that he had been having erotic dreams, about his priesthood leaders.

In his dreams, he was always with someone older and stronger than himself. The man would get completely undressed, grab the elder by his hips and just slam his massive erection deep into the sexy Polish missionary's hole. Over, and over, and over. This would continue all night long, and then he’d wake up so very, very, painfully hard.

Unsurprisingly, Elder Borski was flagged for recruitment to be initiated receive the true priesthood authority.


Elder Borski   INSPECTION

When Elder Borski arrived at the mission home, Bishop Angus and [More]



The last time the 6’5” Elder Borski walked out of the Patriarch’s office, his large [More]


Elder Borski & Elder Hardt   WORKOVER

When Elder Borski and Elder Hardt returned from teaching the Millers [More]

Elder Brier outwardly comes off as the rebellious type. He has his own sense of style and follows his own set of rules, refusing to change for anyone. He won’t even comb his hair to look presentable for the men of The Order! But this provocative streak masks his true desires – he desperately needs someone to take control and drill a sense of discipline into his chaotic life. Maybe he can find the structure that he has been searching for on his mission, but he won’t give up his sense of individuality that easily. It’ll take hard corporal punishment from the stern priests to make this boy bend. And secretly, he can't wait.


Elder Brier   In the Missionary Bathroom

Elder Brier is relatively new to his mission, and he is still learning the ropes. But as he has spent more and more time under [More]


Elder Brier   The Calling

Some may consider Elder Brier a rebel without a cause - but President Oaks sees right through his facade. There is something [More]


Elder Brier   Blind Faith

Known for his rebellious behavior and appearance, Elder Brier has quickly become one of the most sought-after boys in the [More]

Elder Brown comes across as adorably innocent--and he IS adorable, but he's actually quite mischievous.

When he arrived at the mission home, he complained about abdominal pain. I asked him to show me where, and immediately he lifted his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. The moment my hand pushed into his sexy lower torso, I could see his hard dick strain upwards against his garments.

It was clear that he was finding just as many reasons to get undressed for his priesthood leaders, as we were finding reasons to undress him.


Elder Brown   Companionship Study

Elder Brown cherishes his time alone. He loves to let his imagination roam and watch as fantasies fill his head. Somehow, [More]


Elder Brown   Corrupted and Curious

Elder Brown has always been a curious boy. Once when he was young his father made him promise not to go down the block to play with the new kid [More]

The Brethren have been keeping an eye on Elder Buckley. The men of The Order were alerted to how much Elder Buckley likes to have sex through the confessions and testimonies in his membership records.

Elder Buckley is quite butch, but when it comes to letting himself get fucked, he surrenders control and submits to his priesthood leaders completely.

Like many missionaries before him, his journey has taught him that he wants nothing more than to please the men who preside over him. And nothing has ever been a bigger turn on either.


Elder Buckley & Brother Newman   Empty Classroom

As Brother Newman sits alone in an empty classroom, he feels his juices starting to flow. He sees what Buckley and Riley [More]


Elder Buckley & Elder Riley   COMPANIONSHIP INVENTORY

Companionship inventory is a time for these two elders to get to know each other [More]


Elder Buckley & Elder Riley   MEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN

Thinking they have the church building to themselves, Elder Buckley and Elder Riley [More]