Bishop Gibson couldn’t stop thinking about the way President Faust ordered him around. As intense and demanding as it was,

Gibson only craved more.

All his life he’d been aroused by powerful men. Even when he was younger, he’d get embarrassing erection whenever his dad yelled at him or disciplined him. This continued throughout his life, even into his work with the church and the Order.

He knew he had to be the one in charge sometimes, and he quite enjoyed it. But that little, excited boy he was never truly went away. And more and more, he wanted to play.

President Faust could see this in him. It was one of the things that he loved most about him.

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Faust was uniquely attuned to the sensitives of those around him, able to perceive even the faintest hunger to submit. Often times the boys themselves didn’t even know.

But given his experience and wisdom, he knew that for many, even when they grew up and became a man, they never stopped being a “boy.” And he loved nothing more than being a strong, powerful daddy to them.

After Gibson’s run on the priesthood stretcher, Faust’s fondness for his colleague and protege only grew. He loved the way his manly body felt wrapped around his thick, hard cock, and he couldn’t wait to try him on again.

The two men slipped away one afternoon into the president’s study, knowing they wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone else for quite some time.

Bishop Gibson was hard the second the door closed. As he moved past Faust, he could smell his musk coming off of him strongly. The combination of a pure alpha pheromone with clean, manicured presentation was more intoxicating than anything else he could envibe.

The two men immediately pushed together, touching each other all over as they kissed deeply and passionately. Never more did Gibson feel like an excited little boy than when he was with the older, handsome, powerful, and intense President Faust. In fact, it was hard for him to contain a few giddy smiles and laughs as they continued to embrace.

Their hands moved over their faces and bodies, tugging at their clothing, eager to get the other out of the costume of their station. Each man had an animal desire to conquer and be conquered, separate from the church and from expectation. They needed to devour each other, and every stitch of clothing served only as trap of their society keeping them from mounting each other right then and there.

As they undressed each other, Bishop Gibson felt himself slipping back in time. He remembered the feeling he had as an elder himself, naive and young, ignorant about sex and pleasure, only fixated on his adoration of the powerful. He wanted to feel that way again, and the more he exposed himself, the more he let himself.

President Faust could see the bishop transforming before his eyes. He was opening up and giving himself to him. This is my boy, he thought with pride. His completely. He knew he owned him in heart and mind and body. His heart swelled as he felt the love between them… as did his concealed member.

Once they were down to their garments, they found it harder and harder to keep their bodies apart. The skin on skin contact was like electricity coursing through them, making them feel more alive and more alert than ever.

Tearing off their shirts, they looked at each other’s chests. Each man was well furred up their torso, indicating their maturity and age. Faust looked at Gibson’s admiring the soft, blonde hairs that covered him, giving him the appearance of a young man kissed by the sun. Gibson looked back at Faust, admiring the blend of grey, silver, and white that sprinkled over his full, meaty pecs.

Faust’s nippled stuck out hard and erect, poking out from his flesh in the most tempting way ever. Gibson wished his were as beautiful and developed. Perhaps, he thought, I’ll get those when I’m matured like Faust.

The two men pressed their bodies together, feeling their chests rub against one another, creating the most amazing friction. The heat between them radiated out through their bodies that they didn’t even realize they were standing nearly naked.

Faust ran his hand over Gibson’s body, feeling his boy over like a prized object. In just their garment shorts, their cocks brushed against one another as they stayed closely connected. Faust loved the intimacy of their touch, but he knew he needed more.

Faust turned Gibson around, tugging at his shorts to indicate his order. Gibson understood and pulled down his garment shorts, leaving him completely nude in the older man’s study.

Gibson bent over a nearby ottoman, hoping for some support as he bent over, only to find Faust pushing his weight completely over the furniture. With his body resting on his elbows and his ass in the air, Gibson was open and vulnerable to the man’s desires.

Faust looked down and saw the boy’s hole. A beautiful, tight, pink knot surrounded by a delicate nest of dark blonde hair. He paused for a moment to admire its beauty and purity before plunging face first into it.

The older man’s bristly beard teased the young man as it moved over his sensitive orifice. It felt so good to be tasted and appreciated in this way. He knew as much pleasure as he was receiving, he was serving himself up to his superior to be eaten. He puckered his hole tight as if to kiss him back, overwhelmed with desire and longing for him.

Faust took his time enjoying his protege’s hole, so proud and so delighted with what he’s seen it handle. Not only did it endure the trail of the stretcher, but he had fucked him plenty of times. And hard. And long. If he could count on Gibson for anything, it was that he could withstand whatever he threw at him.

With his hole well wetted, Faust couldn’t resist going in for another fuck. Standing up straight and pulling off his short, Faust let his big daddy dick loose, holding it out in front of him as he stared into the bullseye of Gibson’s ass.

With a careful and gentle push, Faust’s cock met up with the young man’s hole and broke through to the inside. Gibson instinctively arched his back, guiding his superior in even further.

Faust held himself inside for a second, once more hoping to let the feeling and the moment last as long as possible. The two men were truly connected in a cosmic way, and nothing made that more clean than when President Faust was inside Bishop Gibson…
Published : 02/16/18

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