Elder Jones watched as his two companions locked lips with each other, tasting each other for the first time. It seemed [More]

Elder Clarke took off his tie with some confusion, but mostly curiosity. He had no idea how getting undressed would be helpful, [More]

“Do you know why you’re here?” President Lewis’ words cut through the heavy silence like a knife. His soft voice seemed [More]

Elder Clarke looked over at Elder Jones. The brown haired boy stretched out his lean body on his twin bed, flipping through [More]

Elder Jones fidgeted in his seat, trying to get secure and comfortable. His palms were sweaty and he felt heat rising around his [More]

Elder Edwards sat in the temple with his head held high. He couldn't think of a time he was more proud. He’d work [More]

Elder Calder sat in the temple room, fiddling with his fingers. He noticed his foot tapping the shiny, white floors. Somehow [More]

Elder Edwards sat up on the altar, feeling its firm platform beneath his buttocks. His legs hung over, dangling freely in the [More]

President Lee smiled as he saw Elder Calder enter the temple chamber. The excited look on the boy was a pleasant sight. [More]

President Ballard looked at the young boy’s body standing in front him, stripped of his suit and tie and covered only [More]