Bishop Gibson had seen many boys come through the Order. He enjoyed the feel and taste of their flesh, having brought many [More]

President Lee held the young missionary tight against his body. His arms wrapped around him, pressing his rigid belt buckle [More]

Elder Dalton’s innocence excites the men of the Order but is also a source of concern. There is a chance that the boy may break during one of [More]

Elder Addison stepped forward into the bright white room, his eyes fixed on the handsome man standing inside. Wearing a [More]

Elder Ingles felt his lips press against President Lee’s, almost as if they were dancing with each other. It had been a long while since [More]

President Ballard could hardly control himself as he anointed Elder Edwards. As was the custom, the handsome young man [More]

President Lee looked at the young man straight in the eye, not looking away, barely even blinking. He studied him, noticing [More]

Elder Ormonde sat on the daybed, waiting for President Lee to arrive. The room was completely white all over, without so [More]

President Lee ran his lightly oiled hands over Elder Addison’s body, careful to keep the loosely draped temple shield on the [More]

Bishop Hart looked down at Elder Ingles as the boy took his foot in his hand. The handsome leader sat on the edge of a bed, [More]