For some reason, President Lewis has a hard time figuring out Elder Bar. He has met boys like him before – innocent, bubbly, and bright. But usually, with a bit of prying, he is able to get past the polite exterior and into their darker, more lustful side. [More]

When Elder Wolf first sees Elder Argos on his first day at the mission, he is smitten. Everything about the boy turns him on. But he knows that he needs to hide his affection. He can’t let anyone suspect that he is interested in other boys - especially at the mission of all places. [More]

Lately, President Lewis has found himself succumbing to temptation more and more often. While he has always been a man of great emotion, [More]

President Lewis can be pretty tough on the young missionaries, but he knows when he needs to scale it back. Today, as he [More]

It is a special day for Elder Packer. He is one step closer to joining the high priesthood after months of grueling tests, [More]

Something about Elder Inaki raises questions for President Lewis. He has heard that the boy has an innocence rarely seen in [More]

It is rare that a single priest will meet with more than one missionary at a time. It is even more uncommon for a single priest [More]

Elder Bar grew up in a strict household. His father had incredibly high standards for him. Academically, morally, and physically, [More]

Elder Awbride is one of the more innocent boys at the mission. His only ambition is to toe the line and make it through without [More]

President Oaks has been highly selective about which missionary boys he takes on these days. It seems that the [More]