President Lee has been keeping track of his fellow priests vigilantly for months – ever since he started to notice the subtle shift in the Order’s philosophy. The rules that he has always held dear seem to mean less and less to the Elders and even the priests themselves. [More]

Ever since their first secret rendez-vous, Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about Elder Argos’s gentle touch. The way he grabbed [More]

With every passing day, President Lewis grows bolder in his willingness to break with tradition. The Order has [More]

Elder Dean has been on President Oaks’s radar for months. Oaks knows his type – a sturdy, broad-shouldered boy who seems to have everything. At home, he has loyal friends, a loving girlfriend, and adoring parents. At school he gets top marks and is one of the more popular kids. But inside, he is avoiding a secret part of himself that he refuses to admit to anyone. [More]

Innocent Elder Wolf is a fast learner. Though he began his journey towards the Order as a shy, confused boy with no direction or sense of self, he has quickly caught on to the way things run around the mission. He knows when to look a man in the eyes, and he knows when to avert his gaze. [More]

For some reason, President Lewis has a hard time figuring out Elder Bar. He has met boys like him before – innocent, bubbly, and bright. But usually, with a bit of prying, he is able to get past the polite exterior and into their darker, more lustful side. [More]

When Elder Wolf first sees Elder Argos on his first day at the mission, he is smitten. Everything about the boy turns him on. But he knows that he needs to hide his affection. He can’t let anyone suspect that he is interested in other boys - especially at the mission of all places. [More]

Lately, President Lewis has found himself succumbing to temptation more and more often. While he has always been a man of great emotion, [More]

President Lewis can be pretty tough on the young missionaries, but he knows when he needs to scale it back. Today, as he [More]

It is a special day for Elder Packer. He is one step closer to joining the high priesthood after months of grueling tests, [More]