It had been a while since anyone heard from Elder Bar. The boy seemed to disappear out of the blue. No one was sure why or how he left the mission, but everyone felt his absence. And when he finally returned weeks after disappearing, he never answered anyone’s questions. [More]

Elder Boon’s first sexual thoughts involved his older stepbrother. He worked hard to suppress them, but somehow they kept floating back into his head. When the boy finally left for college, he didnt have an immediate object for his affection, so new figures came into view. [More]

Elder Dean is an innocent, sweet-faced boy, but below the surface, he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He is like a heat-seeking missile, going straight for his goals, even if it takes him the roundabout route. From the moment he steps foot in the mission, he knows that he will join the ranks of the high priesthood. And if that means playing dumb and feigning like he is just another innocent kid ready to be plucked from purity and bred by the high priests, he is willing to do that. [More]

Elder Boon is a goody two-shoes, there is no doubt about it. He has a strict policy of always telling the truth, even when it does not benefit him. That is why when he first discovered his sexuality, he never bothered to hide it from anyone. He was open and out from the beginning, taking pride in who he was because he felt he had nothing to hide. [More]

It is rare that the Elders get a glimpse of the priests outside of the halls of the mission. But in a strange twist of fate, Elder Anderson happened to grow up in the same small town as President Manwaring. In fact, they even went to high school together - Manwaring was a senior when Anderson was a freshman. Long before Manwaring became the strong, revered priest he is today, he had a strong impact on the boy. Something about his presence made everyone in school stop whenever he walked into the room. It was like a magnetic force surrounded him at all times. [More]

Elder Dean remembers what it was like to be the coolest boy in school. He was always on the list whenever there was a big party and never had to struggle to make friends. Part of what made him so popular was how good he was with girls. There was no doubt that Dean could have whoever he wanted. All he had to do was to look at a girl with those pretty eyes of his and she would melt right away. And he did, many times. Soon, he had the reputation of playboy, breaking hearts left and right with his insatiable sexual appetite. [More]

As the weeks carry on, Elder Inaki and Elder Argos continue their torrid love affair in secret. No one can know about their meetings, their embraces, their small touches that only they can see. If their fellow missionaries were to find out, there would be no telling how long it would take the news get to the high priesthood. The boys have heard stories of missionaries who have fallen for each other, who dared to break the rules and laws of the mission and were unceremoniously and swiftly dismissed. They can think of no worse shame than to be sent home from their mission prematurely. [More]

Elder Anderson is a straight-laced young man. He was brought up to be an ideal student, an athlete, and a model citizen. During his senior year of high school, he was recognized as one of the most outstanding young men in his class. [More]

President Lee has been keeping track of his fellow priests vigilantly for months – ever since he started to notice the subtle shift in the Order’s philosophy. The rules that he has always held dear seem to mean less and less to the Elders and even the priests themselves. [More]

Ever since their first secret rendez-vous, Elder Wolf has been fantasizing about Elder Argos’s gentle touch. The way he grabbed [More]