Elder Campbell had spent several days thinking of Bishop Hart, fixated on his incredible good looks and powerful presence. [More]

Elder Lund lied in bed next to his companion, Elder Gardner, still catching his breath from the intense session of kissing  [More]

The first two pegs were easy. Well, easier. Elder Land had been playing with his hole for years and knew he could take [More]

Elder Campbell awoke from his bed with a start. He was dreaming about Bishop Hart again and didn’t know [More]

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Young love can be a confusing thing. Hormones are racing, your body’s changing, and there’s pressure from the world around  [More]

Elder Land felt like he was in some sort of dream. The idea that he had Bishop Gibson inside him was enough to make him [More]

Brother Strang has enjoyed partnering up with Brother Eyring, but it was never fully above board. Brother Eyring loved [More]

Elder Lund wasn’t having the easiest time with his introduction to the Order. The circumstances of his calling left him feeling  [More]

Elder Land’s skin tingled as Bishop Gibson moved around him. It was an unusual sensation, like goosebumps, but better.  [More]