Dressed in a white gown, Elder Dalton waits in eager anticipation to take the next step in his mission. He has been called in for the Initiation [More]

Elder Ingles followed behind Bishop Gibson, unsure of why he was being pulled away. He’d often watched the handsome [More]

As he gets more accustomed to the rituals of the priesthood, Elder Dalton is starting to feel a bit more comfortable [More]

Bishop Gibson couldn’t stop thinking about the way President Faust ordered him around. As intense and demanding as it was, [More]

Elder Dalton walked into the temple hastily and nervously, fidgeting with his tie clip to get it to stay straight. He’d been [More]

President Faust has always had a good rapport with other members of The Order. Their fraternal order and bonds [More]

Bishop Gibson followed President Lee into the sacred chamber, eager to see what the older man had to teach him. As a [More]

President Olsen, like the other men of The Order, has been eager to get his chance to play with Elder Sorensen’s body. [More]

Elder Ingles stripped out of his clothes and put on the sacred temple shield as instructed. He’d worn this protective garment a [More]

Elder Zachary went into a panic! He searched all over his room and couldn’t find his camcorder. He thought he’d put it away [More]