Despite everything he had experienced so far in his induction, Elder Land was still hopelessly devoted to his fantasies  [More]

Elder Campbell stood before the handsome President Lee, completely naked save for the ceremonial shield he was given [More]

Elder Gardner has been spending more and more time on splits at the temple, something his dark haired cousin has noticed [More]

The Veil is a true test of obedience. The missionaries brought before it cannot see the man that stands behind. In this way,  [More]

Elder Campbell had spent several days thinking of Bishop Hart, fixated on his incredible good looks and powerful presence. [More]

Elder Lund lied in bed next to his companion, Elder Gardner, still catching his breath from the intense session of kissing  [More]

The first two pegs were easy. Well, easier. Elder Land had been playing with his hole for years and knew he could take [More]

Elder Campbell awoke from his bed with a start. He was dreaming about Bishop Hart again and didn’t know [More]

Elder Land could hardly sit right for days. Even his companion began to notice the unusual hesitance whenever they’d [More]

Young love can be a confusing thing. Hormones are racing, your body’s changing, and there’s pressure from the world around  [More]